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Tizzy Tamer App

Tizzy Tamer in iOS App Store

Tizzy Tamer Green Happy Face iOS App
Tizzy Tamer Red Sad Face iOS App

Available on App Store for iPhone and App Store for iPad:

Tizzy Tamer uses simple illustrations of a happy green face, neutral yellow face, and a sad red face.  The images are clean and very visible to a child.

To add your child to the Tizzy Tamer app, touch the “+” icon in the navigation bar.  Next, select a mood by swiping the main image right or left or by selecting a color button below the main image.  Once a mood is selected, add the child’s name to the text box and save the mood.  This will add the child to the main screen. 

To edit or change a child’s mood, simply tap on the child’s name to return to the mood selector and choose a new mood by swiping right or left on the image.  To remove a child’s name from the list, select edit in the navigation bar or swipe the child’s name and tap delete.

Tizzy Tamer Yellow Face iOS App Store