Pin them to a wall, clip them to a message board, or use a magnet with them on the refrigerator door.  Each card is 5.25 inches in diameter and laminated with a clear protective coating to allow for extended use.  

The card set includes three cards.  The green and red happy face cards are printed back to back.  Turn over the green happy face and you will see the red sad face.  Turn over the red sad face and you will see the green happy face.  On the back of the yellow neutral face is a plain yellow back.  

The red and green are back to back so that you have an extra card that you can carry with you in your pocket, purse or bag when you leave the home.  The additional card comes in quite handy when a little one drops a tizzy while grocery shopping. 

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Tizzy Tamer Sad Red Face Card
Tizzy Tamer Happy Green Face Card
Tizzy Tamer Yellow Face Card

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