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Happy Child

Tizzy Taming Tips

It is time for a time out for your child when the red face is selected.  Make sure the child knows he or she is now on red.  Change the image so the child can see the change, and let him or her know that this makes you just as sad as the unhappy red face.

Time out should only last for a few minutes.  After a few minutes have passed, kneel down to eye level with your child and calmly discuss why he or she is in time out. Then have the child apologize for the negative behavior, and end time out with a good hug.  Once out of time out, be sure to share the image change from red to green with your child watching and celebrating the recovery to good behavior.  It is always rewarding to make the change to green with a nice high five to the child.

At bedtime, discuss with your child the colors used during that day.  If the child was on red, praise the child’s efforts to move back to green.  If the child was on green all day, praise the child and praise the child to others so that he or she is aware of the praise and how proud you are of the good behavior.  This will help build confidence in your child and repeat good behavior. You will be surprised how well your child understands the moods of the Tizzy Tamer app and how quickly your child’s behavior improves.

Be consistent with this app and no matter where you are, if your child starts to misbehave, use this app to help tame that tizzy and get him or her back on track.